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About Thetford’s Great Heritage
There is plenty that is GREAT about the Norfolk town of Thetford. This website celebrates the rich and amazing history and heritage which really sets Thetford apart from the rest.

Thetford is a model of the history of England and you can discover it all here across thirteen spectacular eras. Each era is linked to key places in Thetford and relevant historical characters to help tell the story and make sense of the fascinating history.

The most amazing people have been to Thetford over the last 2,000 years and left their mark; Normans, Vikings, monks, great thinkers, female warriors, Britain’s first black mayor, Kings and Queens, revolutionary engineers, Dad’s Army and today’s multicultural communities.

Enjoy exploring this website… mingle with influential historical characters, dig in to the significant thirteen eras and then come and visit Thetford in person to soak up the rich and varied history that makes Thetford’s heritage truly great.

Take a look and enjoy the 2,000 year journey - we think you’ll be surprised…
About Thetford
Once the ancient capital of East Anglia, Thetford is a historical market town situated at the heart of the unique Brecks natural area. Its location makes it an ideal place to soak up all of the history and heritage on offer and discover a nationally important natural habitat.

Visit Thetford’s TIC for information on places to stay, things to do and places to visit while in Thetford or the local box office for tickets to many local events.

Norwich’s Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust (HEART) were appointed to devise a strategy for developing and promoting a family of heritage assets in Thetford. HEART is a private, charitable trust that strategically plans, regenerates, manages and promotes Norwich and Norfolk’s heritage and acts as a best practice model internationally for developing heritage as a social and economic regeneration vehicle. HEART’s work with Thetford included a scoping study, business plan, local distinctiveness strategy, public consultation, virtual models, branding and the Thetford’s Great Heritage website, expressly created to help visitors and locals enjoy and discover Thetford’s amazingly rich history.