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Boudica, one of the most iconic female warriors in English history built Gallows Hill in Thetford then lead the revolt against the Romans


Iron Age Thetford is most famously associated with the tribe of the Iceni and their leader Boudica - the fierce Iceni warrior queen who rebelled against the Roman Empire.

In the Iron Age Thetford was a major centre of the Iceni tribe, with key sites at both Castle Hill and Gallows Hill / Fison Way. Two important Roman hoards and many Iron Age and Iceni artefacts have been found in Thetford, some of which are on display in the Ancient House Museum. However, the most impressive and valuable remains in the town are two very different sites: at Castle Hill the ramparts raised by the Iceni still tower over the landscape, now eclipsed by the Norman motte, while at Gallows Hill, the flat land hides the remains of an impressive but mysterious Iron Age site.


Boudica is one of the most recognisable figures in English history – a powerful heroine who stood up for her people and fought with passion and honour – and her people were based right here in Thetford.
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  • 40-50AD
  • 60 AD
  • 70 AD
  • 380-390AD